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This site contains very adult material and can ONLY be visited by the people who are enough tough to see all this!!!  The Producer of the site is no longer responsible for any injuries or another damage or casualities made by watching this material. Last documented informations and investigations proof that the ignorants know own ill will and are very unwary so they can be rapidly knocked down by what they see. Therefore hereby We inform that any free actions will be tolerated only in case of using mind and knowledge. Many visitors may be in shock so they must be prepared for big influence of  X, Y, and Z - rated material used on following pages. Dogs, Mothaf..kers, Skins, Punks, Homo-whatever, Stupid, Freaks, Violencers, Kidnappers, Too rich to be normal, Gang members, Hostile enviromentals, Ghosts, Bisexes, Fanatics, IQ less than 75(?), and other unwanted Stuff are not welcome on this site.

   Thereby I agree to do this on my own risk and will not ever allow to do any harm or other action against creators of this site. Besides I know of explict and maybe killing materials on the next page and I anyway want to enter to this very fine and fantastic land of nothing (un)usual.Therefore I now must press this button whih I see bottom of this text and whatever let be done!








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